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/ The night Fidel Castro died, Danilo Maldonado Machado went to prison for spraypainting "He's gone" on the wall of a Havana hotel. A year later, I spoke with him about the state of political dissent in Cuba. /

/ On the day of one of the biggest protest marches in Venezuelan history, I talked with Venezuelan ex-pats and reporters in the capital of Caracas about the anti-government mood sweeping the country /

/ I spoke with the descendent of America's greatest black Civil War hero about the opening of a new monument to the Reconstruction era /

/ I covered the World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Sergey Karjakin of Russia in New York in 2016 /
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Offbeat Magazine

/ During the debate over noise ordinances in New Orleans, I unearthed a previously unknown anti-music law from the 1800s /

/ I chronicled the struggle to preserve the historical home of one of America's most important musicians, Jelly Roll Morton /

/ I followed a high school marching band as it prepared for Mardi Gras, and its director's struggle to keep the kids in school and off the streets /

en español

/ During the world chess championship in NYC, I interviewed Spain's most prominent chess journalist about his long career / Durante el campeonato mundial de ajedrez en Nueva York, entrevisté al periodista de ajedrez más prominente de España sobre su larga carrera /